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Professional Synthetic Chamois in tube
Whatever a chamois does...Hydra Wipe does better. •Performs better after continuous use •Stays moist in tube for instant use •Recommended by professional detailers •Outlasts a genuine chamois •Storage tube prevents loss •Absorbs water like a chamois
Tidal Wave Carpet Cleaner
Eliminates Odors ~ Ton-toxic, Non-Corrosive, Biodegradable, Non Flammable & 100% Organic. Tidal Wave Carpet Shampoo is a unique bio-enhanced carpet cleaner & spotter that provides high performance cleaning in addition to eliminating organic stains & odors.
Zero Smoke 2 oz.
Zero Smoke is an unscented personal spray designed to eliminate smoke & food odors on you. NEVER SMELL LIKE SMOKE AGAIN!! Just spray the fine mist on hair and clothing and odors are eliminated immediately. Can be used in the car or home.
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